"When the Luster Fades" EP

by 14? feat. Substantial

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Substantial, East Coast rapper from Baltimore meets another producer from the far east.. no not Japan.. this time from Guangzhou, China! The producer,"14?" an up and coming talent from the underground Hip Hop scene in China, creates a beautiful beat which has a wonderful Chinese taste to it. East meets West at it's best!!

中国広州を拠点に中国全土で活動する今の中国のアングラヒップホップ界を代表する若手クリエイター、14? 。ヒップホップから中国の古典音楽まで消化したサウンド作りには定評があり、今作でも中国人ならではの美しくも切ない旋律とSubstantialの色気のある声が絶妙にマッチ!



released November 30, 2011

Track produced by 14?
Lyrics written by Substantial



all rights reserved


elevation / elvt.jp 東京都, Japan

グルメ、旅行、音楽:東京とニューヨークを拠点に活動しているインディーズ音楽レーベル Gourmet, Travel, Music: independent music label based in Tokyo & New York

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Track Name: When the Luster Fades
When the Luster Fades

Could be wrong but I think
When you take center stage not a single eye blinks
Some forced to squint
In an awkward attempt
To somehow filter your glow
But you know...
That the polish of your armor got'em in a trance
Colors intertwine with the power of a dance
Poetry in motion got'em in a stand still
Eyes glaze over, jaws drop like anvils
A feeling you're wishing that even time can't kill
Sorry to inform you but it can and will
So make the most of it
And folks love it
Is it the bare essentials
Or the bells and whistles
Can't tell initially but what remains
When a fella's history is it the name
That fades like memories
Time will tell
You know that the divine's design prevails
When the luster fades
Will you be a legend or a distant memory
Praised by your brethren or a waste of energy
When they reminisce over you
Will they front or give you your dues
When the luster fades
Will you make your mark or be written out of history
Stimulate thought or become a nonentity
When they reminisce over you
Will they front or give you your dues
When the luster fades

We're running out of time and it's funny I guess
'Cause we strive to make something that it is truly timeless
That'll never tarnish
And maintain it's beauty
But is that the nature of time?
They say that we got 15 minutes to shine
But it's all relative
'Cause 15 minutes can feel like forever if
We don't believe that time flies
But you that most are blind to The Inner Minds Eye
Where people come and go with a blink
And celebrate your memory and toast with a drink
Making your exit as their next thought enters
You've made your deposit in their memory bank
Hoping one day eventually to gain interest
Instead of drawing blanks whenever your name's mentioned
Hot today tomorrow you're cold & lonely
Tell me where will these songs be...


Where will you go (go)
Will you be long forgotten by the people you know (know)
When you've lost your glow (glow)
No one at the show (show)
And your record stop spinning and you're feeling real low (low)

Where will the entourage go?
What will you do if eternal bonds are not so?
How many women stayed when the money got low?
When the fans seen it all, will they scream bravo
Or have a moment of silence, minus the reflection
Will your records be a valued part of their collection
In a frame on the wall or end up in a dollar bin
Will you be forgotten or honored...

Track Name: When the Luster Fades (Instrumental)